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Busan Market Stroll (+ Gamcheon)

Before we started exploring Busan it was time for a nice cup of coffee. Finding an appealing coffee shop wasn’t very hard since the coffee scene in South Korea is massive. What is really fascinating about the coffee shops we visited, they all look like they were specifically designed to provide the perfect environment to take awesome pictures (and maybe also spread them on social media??). For us, this of course was a plus.

The first stop was the Gamcheon Culture Village (부산 감천문화마을). This part of Busan used to be a slum until the city decided to transform it. Most buildings are now sporting beautiful bright colors in every possible shade. There are also a lot of pastel colored houses that give off a beautiful vibe. But the colors are not the only thing that have turned this place into basically the perfect photo-op, local artists were hired to do many many installations as well. We would recommend coming here as early as possible as it got busier and busier as time went by.

After we explored Gamcheon Cultural Village we headed towards Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장) by taking a bus. Here we first struggled a bit because of the bus map which was only displayed in Korean. However, we managed to get the right bus by comparing the Hangul signs.

Jagalchi Market is packed with fish and seafood vendors. The size of the market and the variety of different kinds of seafood is super impressive. However, if you have an issue seeing an eel getting skinned alive, you shouldn’t visit this market 😉

There is not only a wide variety of raw fish but there are also vendors selling cooked fish or complete meals.

After a while walking through the small alleyways of the Jagalchi market you can make a turn towards the more modern market scene of Busan. Here, there are plenty of food stalls to choose from. This place is really a foodie’s paradise, as a short search on youtube will confirm. When we did our travel research, we found so so many videos of food markets in Busan and it really is crazy just how many stalls there are. Luckily, some of the videos we watched beforehand were very informative and we knew how to eat most of the dishes we chose here. We even knew what most of the things were that we tried! Especially after the fish market, we kind of wanted to slightly know what we were eating :-D.

Oh and if you wonder, exploring Busan after the dark is at least as much fun as during the day.