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Exploring Jeju Island

We started our second day on Jeju Island with a quick drive to the Jeju OSULLOC Tea Museum (오설록티뮤지엄). Osulloc is a high-quality tea brand in Korea and offers quite a beautiful experience in their museum. When we arrived we instantly noticed that this is a very popular spot as well. The parking area was huge and there were already a lot of coaches onsite. From the parking lot, we were walking directly into the museum / restaurant / shop. Here you can use your opportunity to take some photos with green tea props or in front of a fake green tea field (while the actual field is 100m away ;-)). Again, if anyone can explain this to us, we will be happy to hear. As far as we are concerned, this was as ridiculous as it was fun. Take some time to queue (oh yes!) and snap some fun pics.

After taking some ridiculous images, we continued our way throughout the museum / especially the restaurant and shops with beautiful displays. We found it quite odd that you could buy not only tea and anything tea related but also a lot of beauty products as well. As we learned later, Innisfree is a popular Korean beauty brand with shops everywhere. As they are promoting their brand to use materials from Jeju island, of course, they would have their flagship store here. Not only do they offer tea beauty products but also anything with volcanic ingredients, which honestly looks really cool!

The buildings and the whole park are also beautifully made and well maintained, so we enjoyed our short walk as well as taking pictures inside and outside.

After enjoying the small park and beautiful Innisfree store, we had worked up enough of an appetite to try some of the green tea foods the restaurant in the museum offers. We can really really recommend the mini double cheesecake, but everything else we tried was also really yummy and we assume so is the rest of the gigantic menu.

Well, this now surely comes as a surprise, but on the outside of the museum, there are actual green tea fields!

Right next to the museum are of course tea fields, but we liked it a lot better on the other side of the road. Here you can roam freely, look at the leaves of tea, smell the tea and take some nice shots as well.

From the green tea fields, we headed to the South to Cheonjeyeon Pokpo Falls (천제연폭포). Actually, there is not only one but three waterfalls you can visit. As with all other major attractions, there is a huge parking area close to the main sight. In this case, after approximately 500m, you will reach the first waterfall. While the first waterfall is quite nice, the bridge above it is kind of distracting.

After a nice walk, mainly over wooden walkways and stairs, you reach the second waterfall which is our personal favorite 🙂 You should know, that the third waterfall is by far the longest way down (and up again, surprise!) so it was not such an easy brisk walk, but still manageable and also for the biggest waterfall of the three, it is totally fine.

If you’re in the area, you should really consider checking them out, as they are beautiful and it’s a relaxing walk in the woods, as long as you get lucky and the big tourist crowds are not directly by your side all of the time. Especially for the third waterfall, you’ll be good as most of the crowds didn’t want to venture that far from the parking lot 😉 For us, this was a huge plus!

As we still had some time before sunset we decided to go to Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff (대포주상절리) which is only a short drive from the waterfalls. As with all other sights today this one followed the same pattern. Huge parking area, 500m of walking and a viewing platform. The place and especially the platform was pretty crowded since there were constructions going on and parts of the walkway were closed. The entrance fee was around 2000 won per person. Even if the cliffs are looking spectacular we were a little bit underwhelmed due to the small walkways, the constructions and the distance to the cliffs. So we quickly decided to carry on and looking for a nice sunset spot.

As the last stop for this day, we decided to explore the Olle Trail no. 9 which was in short distance to our hotel. We enjoyed walking along the trail while taking pictures of the setting sun.