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A Rainy Day on Jeju Island

For our last day on Jeju Island, the weather forecast wasn’t very bright. But of course, this wouldn’t keep us from exploring again 🙂

We were lucky that it wasn’t raining in the morning so we decided to do parts of Olle Trail number 7 straight ahead. As we have said before, Olle Trails (type: ‘Olle course’ into Kakaomaps) are a safe bank to a pretty walk / hike and a special view. You can start these trails anywhere on Jeju island, which makes them really accessible too. We started at this location and then walked towards the West for a while. Unfortunately, it then did start to rain heavily so we decided to head to our next destination 🙂

Here are a few impressions of the beautiful view we had, although or maybe even because it was rainy and a bit grey.

Our next spot to explore was Saeseom Island which is a very small island close to Seogwipo. We took a short walk all around the island and immediately noticed that this walk was really really empty. We almost didn’t encounter any people at all! Of course, we can’t say for sure if it was because of the weather or not, but we had not experienced this much tranquility anywhere else on the island so far. We really enjoyed strolling around, hearing the birds sing and took our time snapping away.

Next, we decided it was time for lunch. Luckily, we were already really close to the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market (Food Market) where we tried some local food that was all very good.

We don’t know about you, but on Jeju Island, we sometimes felt that it was quite a challenge to find a restaurant nearby, especially if you don’t want to eat black pork or abalone everyday straight. Not that these options aren’t good, but we just like to try different kinds of food. This is why this market is a really good option! Another great option that we found was the app ‘MangoPlate’ in which Koreans rate all kinds of restaurants. This can be an indicator for you, which restaurants are really good and which may be to avoid 🙂 This did not only help us a great deal on Jeju Island but also later on in the bigger cities.

After we had some fun at the food market, we decided it was time to drive around the island and enjoy our last day. This brought us to different coast roads where we did several stops. After we ate all of our tangerines that we also got at the market, we drove back near our hotel. About the tangerines: really do try them! If you’re afraid you can’t manage one kilogram, they will also sell you half (‘pan kilo’!). After all, they were so could we would have gladly finished one entire kilogram of them, they are just so soft and juicy and sweet. Nothing like that you could get from stores!

Near our hotel, there is this beautiful part of the beach located. It is close to the Olle Trail 8. We were so lucky that through the grey sky, the sun came peeking through and created a gorgeous, glowing atmosphere which you can see below. We took a lot of pictures and at some point just accepted that we got soaked. We really had great fun though and took some amazing pictures (little choice of them below!). That just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to see the big touristy places, paved with coaches and Dunkin Donuts along the way, on Jeju Island you can simply go out and make your day a small adventure. Breathe in the ocean air and enjoy the beautiful scenery.