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Korean BBQ (Jeju)

On the second day in South Korea, we took the plane from Seoul Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island. Seoul to Jeju is one of the busiest domestic air routes in the world with 250 flights in either direction every day. In fact, you could board a flight to either airport every 15 minutes.

After arriving in Jeju we were getting our previously reserved rental car from lotte rent-a-car. Everything went super smooth and we started our drive from north to south with our little Kia 🙂

We advise reserving a car at least 3 Weeks before you’re leaving for your trip. We rented a small car, which was just fine. Most of the time, you wouldn’t be able to go faster than 80 km/h anyway, so the power of our cute little Kia ‘All New Morning’ was more than enough. We could also fit two regular-sized suitcases in there comfortably and it would have been okay with 1 or 2 pieces of carry-ons as well.

Our bed and breakfast was located in the South West of Jeju Island which was approximately a one-hour drive. We will explain the different parts and cities of Jeju Island in a later post so stay tuned if you’re searching for a good spot.

After we settled in our B&B, we decided it was time to go eat something. We got a recommendation from the owner of the B&B, which turned out to be a really good one.

As you should be trying some authentic black pork while in Jeju, there are so many places that you can’t really miss it, even if you tried. We went to this restaurant.

We really really liked the place and the quality of the meat and side dishes. Of course, we don’t have a lot of comparison to other Korean BBQ places and especially places where black pork is being served. All we can really say for sure is, that it was absolutely fantastic and we went two times 😉

How we ate the Korean BBQ in Jeju!

First, a very friendly waiter / master of meat comes right to your personal little fireplace and dumps 600grams of black pork right there. So you can see how the meat looks and how it is prepared. Then he takes turns going around to different tables and cutting the meat into smaller and smaller pieces each time around. This continues until your mouths are watery and the meat is cooked / grilled. The little chimney you can see in the middle of the fireplace helps to get rid of all the steam from the grill. But do not think that this will not leave your entire clothing smelling like black pork 😉

After the meat is prepared you get a signal and can dig in. It is suggested to first try the meat pure, just with a pinch of salt and pepper. After that, you can take a salad leaf and build your own little meat wrap with it.

Toppings for the salad wrap were: big and thin slices of radish, pickled sesame leaves, kimchi, pickled onions, giant slices of garlic, Korean red pepper paste, sprouts and some other kind of thinly sliced veggie mix in a (mild) red sauce. The first time around we also got to servings of rice as a side. For the second time, we chose kimchi stew, which was very nice! But not so mild 😉 In the kimchi stew there were kimchi (duh!), cooked black pork, incredibly yummy tofu, and a very delicious red sauce that we mixed bits up with the rice to eat it.

All in all it was a very successful first evening in Jeju, we hope you’ll have a great time visiting there if you plan on doing so 🙂

The only thing that kept us from the delicious BBQ was a bit unexpected. While we didn’t have issues with our credit cards in Seoul, Jeju, unfortunately, was not so easy. We struggled quite a bit with finding an ATM that accepted our Visa Card / Master Card (and not showing us some Korean error messages) but in the end, the third ATM was finally working! And by third ATM, we actually mean 4th or 5th tiny supermarket that we drove to. We could imagine if you’re getting around by bus, this could turn into a huge problem. So maybe it would be wise to get some cash at the airport before you start your Jeju adventures.