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Hello South Korea!

After more than 10 hours of flight, border control, customs and a one-hour express train ride we finally arrived in Seoul! Seoul was our first (quick) stop in our South Korea travel itinerary.

After getting some rest we started to explore the neighborhood of our hotel, which was located next to Seoul Station. Our hotel was directly connected to the Seoullo Skywalk. Seoullo is basically a garden, park and walkway built atop a former highway overpass. While we didn’t know that our hotel would be connected to this cool walk, this was definitely a plus! We would very much recommend to check this out since it was a very welcome way to stroll around on the first day!

We could get some really nice views of Seoul while walking along the skywalk. And you could really get a great impression of Seoul from this point of view!

Oh, and of course we needed some coffee 🙂

The house 1932

The next morning (still struggling with the time difference 😉 ) we used the time before our flight to Jeju to get a glimpse of Namdaemun Market.

Since we didn’t have a lot of time then, there is more to come about Seoul and its fascinating markets. But first, Jeju (and more coffee)!