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South Korea – What’s in my Camera Bag?

Before traveling to South Korea very soon, I wanted to quickly summarise the equipment I am taking with me. So I decided to quickly arrange all of the major things I take with me and snap a photo before putting them into the camera bag. Let’s go over it piece by piece 🙂




This trip I also wanna take some videos, therefore I packed some dedicated equipment for video into my bag.

For conveniently mounting the Osmo as well as the microphone I put together a small rig that is able to hold both. I never tried it out during a trip so I am really looking forward to how it will turn out.


In my luggage, I am taking two and a half tripods with me. I am doing a lot of long exposures so I usually carry around a tripod.

It’s the first time I will use the Platypod. It is intended to be carried with me the whole day especially for creating some daytime long exposures with my ND filters. The Platypod is super light and small so it will perfectly fit into my camera bag.


  • A bunch of Haida ND filters
  • Peak Design Strap
  • Peak Design Capture Clip

Last but not least there is a whole bunch of boring accessories like cables and spare batteries which I taking to South Korea.



Hope you enjoyed reading what I am taking with me. Since my trip will start very soon, get ready for a lot of posts related to South Korea 🙂