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Williamsburg – My Favorite NYC Skyline Photo Spots

In this little blog post series – My Favorite NYC Skyline Photo Spots – I will show you my personal highlights when it comes to shooting the Skyline of New York City. Each of these locations allowed me to see this amazing city from a different perspective and viewpoint. So let’s get started and take a look at the first spot 🙂

The first location I would like to show you is located in Williamsburg which is super convenient since you should visit Williamsburg anyway 😉 

The photo spot is within a small park called Grand Ferry Park, which is located directly at the riverside. You can get to the Park by exiting the Subway at Marcy Avenue which is served by the J and M subway lines. From there, it is a nice 20-minute walk until you reach the park.

From this point of view, you get a totally different perspective of the skyline. The Williamsburg Bridge will be very prominent in front of you and gives some nice options for composing your image. Let’s jump into the images I took at this location.

You can take some nice non Skyline shots here as well 🙂