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Exchange Place – My Favorite NYC Skyline Photo Spots

This beautiful Skyline outlook is actually not located in New York City but in New Jersey. This location provides a stunning view of the skyline. Besides the clean skyline shot, there are plenty of possibilities for other compositions. So I would recommend that you take your time to explore the little J Owen Grundy Park directly located at the waterfront as well as the area around. 

I visited the place a couple of times and it wasn’t particularly crowded compared to other sights in the city. 

World Trade Center PATH train station

To get there, you need to take the green (towards Hoboken) or red (towards Newark) PATH transit line. These trains are departing from the World Trade Center Subway station. You need to follow the signs “PATH Trains to New Jersey”. The Exchange Place station is the first stop after leaving the World Trade Center station.

Please remember to buy a PATH train ticket since the MTA metro card isn’t working for this line.

Skyline View during the Golden Hour

I would recommend you to visit this place during the golden hour. Nevertheless, this place is worth a visit regardless of the weather like the following pictures are showing.

Daytime Long Exposure taken with a ND Filter