Import Photos Only – Adobe Lightroom Quickie

Hello, Lightroom (Classic) Users! Today I will share a super handy Lightroom feature with you which is kind of hidden! With this, you are able to quickly import only photos and no videos from your card.

Let’s imagine you are coming back from a photo tour and you have photos as well as videos on your memory card. However, you only want to import the photos into your Lightroom catalog – this is the perfect tip for you!

Within your Lightroom Import Dialog, you usually only have the option to Check All / Uncheck All Files. However, if you are pressing the ALT key, the buttons are changing to Check Videos / Uncheck Videos!

With these additional options, you can quickly select or unselect all of your videos during import. This is a whole lot faster than sorting by media type and selecting the videos by hand.

Check / Uncheck All
Press ALT - Check Videos / Uncheck Videos

Have fun with this quick tip and stay productive!